“Capt. Jay was a lot of fun! We had fun because we caught fish. A lot of fish! I was tired and ready to go in, and Jay is still working and thinking and planning and teachin’… When we reached the dock with our catch, the Marina Crew came on board, loaded out our fish, displayed them so we could take a picture with our trophy fish !!! We had been so more successful than other charters! A crowd of other fishermen gathered around our catch, they were green with envy! We felt like World Beaters !!! Capt Jay worked hard, he definitely earned his money! It was so worth it. I was a guest that invited me on this fishing trip as a thank you for the business I send him. This was such a rewarding experience that I am going to book a charter for 3 of my clients!!! Thanks Jay for treating us so special and ensuring us that we left with a full ice chest of big redfish !!!